Written by: Ms. Jessica Jones

Some people do whatever it takes to get his/her ex lover back but at some point it doesn’t help. Why?  It’s because you’re forcing your ex too much to get back with you. Most people who try to win their ex back tends to exaggerate their efforts which makes their ex not wanting to see them or hear their voice again.  When you constantly nag your ex or send hundreds of text messages just to make him/her notice you, it is not going to help you.  This will only make the situation worst.

If you’re in this position then by all means, STOP!

You need to strategize and do it in a different subtle way.  Here are a 3-step strategy that will help you win your ex back.

1. Don’t argue and accept the break up.

Acceptance plays an important role in your plan to win ex back.  When you do this, the person who ask for the break up will be surprised because most of those people have a mindset that their partner will never agree for a break up.  You should respect his/her decision.  In this way, you’re making a cloud of curiosity to your ex’s mind.  This will make him/her realize that there are other side of you that she’s not aware of. This will lead your ex thinking about you a lot.

2. Give your ex time and space.

saving a relationship

You have to have a mindset that it is not always right to show off too much to communicate with your ex.  After agreeing with the break up, give your ex time and space.  Both of you needs some time to think over what happened in your relationship. Stop being a shadow and stop whatever communication you have for at least a month.  This will make your ex more curious and will make him/her reflect on things that he/she may have been missing from you rather than your shortcomings or mistakes which lead to your break up.  Of course, it is not easy to stay away but be positive that your efforts will pay off.

3. Be strong and confident.

Most people become desperate when they’re left behind by the person they love.  Don’t show your ex that you are so eager of getting him/her back. Don’t even spend your time crying out loud in your room.  Go out, enjoy being single and put your head up high.  By doing this, your ex will be intrigued with what going with your life after the break up.  But don’t ever make your ex jealous by dating someone else.  This will make your ex think you have really moved on.

The idea of this strategy is to make your ex’s feeling come out of him/her. Remember this, if you force your way in, it will resist.  But if you go, it will draw near.  Not only this idea keeps your sanity, it also lessen your burden because you don’t actually do much in trying to get him/her back.

Now, some people may be asking,

I believe in what you say and it really is logical in a way but I’m afraid that I might commit a mistake using this guide. What I want to know is, do you happen to have a comprehensive guide in getting my ex back? Or perhaps a personal consultation with a love expert?

As a matter of fact, YES, I know that kind of comprehensive guide! It also gives a personal one-on-one consultation with the love expert himself…

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