I have a friend who cried herself to sleep almost every night after she broke up with her boyfriend. She didn’t know what to do, and just couldn’t move on no matter what she did.

She tried to divert her attention to other things like going to the gym after work, meeting old friends on weekends, and spending the rest of her free time in front of her computer. She tried each and every possible way to get over her ex, but nothing worked, as she just couldn’t accept the fact that she’s now living her life alone and lonely.

One day she realized how much her ex meant to her, so she finally decided to make a move to get back with her ex. She called him every so often, sent him numerous text messages and e-mails, and frequently visited him in his house.

Every time she got the chance to talk to him, she couldn’t help but burst into tears and plead to get back with him. Thinking maybe, out of compassion, her ex would give the relationship another shot.

But instead of drawing him near, she drove him farther and farther away.

What could have gone wrong?

Trying to get your ex back could be a simple task if you keep in mind that it requires great deal of patience and self control. These are the two things my friend didn’t have.

So if you find yourself in the same situation as narrated above, you will get a good chance getting your ex back if you carefully follow the steps detailed below.

  1. Start things off with a simple hi’s and hello’s whenever your paths cross. You should keep an eye contact to let him know that you are talking to him and not with anybody else.
  2. Initiate a small talk with him whenever there is a chance. Keep the conversation short and snappy, and somewhat basic in nature. Don’t reveal too much, because most men find mystery a bit appealing. If someone comes in to the scene while you’re talking to your ex, entertain that someone to let your ex know that although you are enjoying talking to him, he is not your top priority as of the moment.
  3. Spend some time to groom yourself, boost your confidence. Go to the gym and lose some pounds. Stay fresh and smell good. If he liked a particular scent when you were still together, wear that perfume. Remember to always look good and fresh. If you don’t, your ex will never be attracted to you again; he may also think that he made a good decision breaking up with you if he sees you are gloomy and pathetic. If other people around your ex start noticing you, he may think that he made the wrong move, and may re-consider your relationship.
  4. Try to throw some honest compliments to your ex, make him feel good every time he is around you. Talk to him about the good times you spent together. Remind him of some of the best moments in your relationship.

Start by becoming friends with your ex. Take things slowly, and never show signs of desperation. If your ex wants you back, he will eventually let you know. Don’t rush things, play it cool and let him come to you.

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