Every relationship passes through some difficulties.  Sometimes the couple would reach their saturation point where the relationship is on the edge of break up.  There are ways to save a relationship and it should be done by both parties.

The first thing to do is to assess if the relationship is still worth saving because if not, the hard works and efforts will not pay off in the end. Both parties must be in the same path.  If one of them wants to be out of the relationship, there’s little that can be done.

Second, the couple should understand the real meaning of commitment.  Many couples remain in a relationship just because of their children, that is not enough and it is unfair for the children that their parents don’t fully commit themselves into the relationship.

Third is to determine what’s the real problem.  If the couple will just ignore the problems and just pretend to be blind then working out the relationship will not succeed.  Compromise is also an essential part of a relationship.  It will somehow lessen arguments between them.

Next, if the couple has already figured out the core problem then it’s where they would start.  Dealing with the problem would definitely save the relationship.  Sharing your thoughts to each other is very helpful.  Make your partner feel that you’re ready to listen to him/her.  It shows that you are opening your communication lines with your partner.

After you have determined the problem, make an action plan on what you want to do or what specific actions you want to make.

Sixth, attend to your partner’s needs.  Presence really matters.  Always have a time where both of you can just talk, even little things.  Before going to bed, update each other with what happened the whole day.

Finally, saving a relationship is an ongoing process.  You should remember that it is not always laughter, there will be also be tears while moving forward.  Always apologize for things that cause hurt and tears and don’t blame each other for things that went wrong.

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