If you’ve had a break up, there are two things that come to your mind.  Whether you are thinking on how to get over with the person or how you can win him back.  Before doing something, you should really think of your ex and your relationship with him.  Compare your situation when you’re still with him and now that he’s out of your life.

If you decide to win back lost love, the first thing you should do is to apologize sincerely.  If you’re the one who did something wrong, then you must apologize and let him see that you are sincere.  But if it is your ex who did something worth apologizing for, forgive him.  If your break up was because of infidelity or cheating, it is hard to forgive but you must learn how and mean it if you do.

If you win back your lost love, it is certain that old issues will come up.  If you didn’t mean forgiving him before getting back together, it is difficult to push through with the relationship.  Don’t open old wounds for it will be more hurtful than before.  Remember that you were able to forgive him, so it is not necessary to bring up old issues again.

Finally, to win back lost love, show the person that it is his good qualities that you fell in love with.  Appreciate them for what they are.  Don’t let one mistake ruin your belief of the things that make you love him.

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