This is a thinking that comes to your mind when your marriage is in the edge of cracking up. If you we’re the one who decided to end the marriage and realizing that it’s not what you really want your marriage to end. You’re in a better position to save your marriage. Apologize sincerely and tell your spouse you regret bringing up divorce. Be calm in explaining that you no longer want a divorce or you never really want it after all. But it is a difficult step, since you’re the one who suggested for a divorce. He/She might consider being out of marriage. He/She might think that divorce is a good idea.

If you really don’t want a divorce in the first place, you must know what he is thinking. You must admit your mistake. In talking to your spouse, there must be no harsh words to say, no accusations, no finger-pointing. Just explain to your spouse that your marriage is worth saving and you’re wrong about deciding a divorce. Be mature and calm. Certainly, this is an emotional stage for both of you. But you must always set aside your anger and resentment if you really want to stop your divorce.

Finally, work on your problems. Now is the best time to lay out all the things that caused misunderstandings in the past. Suggest that you go to marital counseling and you’re willing to change for the better just to save your marriage.

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