Why Men Suddenly Pull Away

Stories about men pulling away from the relationship is everywhere. At first, you meet an awesome guy then you instantly liked him and get along with him. You feel special, he feels right, you are connected and all things are falling into places.

Eventually, you fall for this guy and an awesome relationship is about to unfold. Then you finally give in and you thought that he will be yours forever.

But the next thing you knew, the prince charming guy began to pull away.

Now you ask yourself, what went wrong? Why did he stopped all of a sudden?

Here are the reasons:

When things start to get serious in a relationship for the first time, a lot of guys start to feel worried that they are giving up their independence or their freedom.

When this happens, men start to feel anxious about the unknown zone that he is about to enter. As a defense mechanism, his instinct tells him to pull away from that unknown zone and address this feeling by getting some distance to be able to see things clearly.

The problem is that while he is taking his time out to analyze things, women perceive this as a sign of pulling away. As a result, the woman gets upset and vents the anxiety towards him trying to pull him back making the relationship feel more like a burden than a joy to him.

Fortunately, we have discovered proven ways how to pull him back naturally and chase you like the first time you’ve met. It is something that not all women knew. Its like magic and automatically he will come back to you once again.

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