Why Women Feel Neglected

Do you always feel neglected? Do you always want to be on top of his priority? Do you feel like your man used to shower you with affection but now just doesn’t seem to care?

The truth is men are all hopelessly romantic, but women can accidentally turn them away whenever you try to insist yourselves to them.

What most women don’t know is that men are like rubber band. They naturally pull away and go back to its form once they finished their cycle. In short, its absolutely normal for them to pull away and then after some time they will naturally go back to you and then repeat the cycle.

The problem is whenever they are pulling away women gets upset because you feel neglected and ignored. As a result, you tend to insist yourselves to them causing them to be confused about their feelings.

In order for men to be closer, they have to pull away and during this stage, all you have to do is wait until he finishes his normal cycle. When you get upset and vent your ire on him, you are actually preempting his cycle to complete.

So the next time he pulls away, try to focus your energy on other important matter and wait for him to come back to deliver the love and romance you longed for.

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