Use Power of Curiosity and Compliment to Get What You Want

Usually, conflict arises between the couple if both are trying to insist their point of views. Sometimes no matter how we try to understand our partner, its just not sinking in. Maybe lets just say that his view maybe different from yours. Or shall we say that there is always two side of the story.

So instead of insisting what you want to your man, try a little experiment to see how curiosity and compliment can help you move your man without the conflict and without the pressure on him.

Most of the time, you cannot discard the difference of obligation and opportunity. That’s what we are trying to imply here, you can ask him without putting much pressure on him. If you tell him what to do, he will feel untrusted and resentment my start to brew.

According to Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher, curiosity is the lust of mind, meaning it’s what your mind desires to have. When you are curious, it’s like an insatiable appetite that you can’t quench. For example, you want to go to the grocery with him but you think he’s too busy with something. You can tell him, “Honey,  it looks like our pantry is almost empty”. Just that and let him think about it, in this case he may suggest a solution right away. If he says, so you are going to the grocery? Don’t answer quickly, let silence fill in to keep his mind thinking. Men are always looking for opportunity to help that’s embedded on them,  so if he says, ok I can accompany you to the grocery if you want. Then that is the idea, just give him the hint and he will surely offer his help. When this happens, here is the trick, use the power of compliment right away to shape his behavior. Thank him sincerely and he will feel appreciated and trusted. He will definitely like this feeling and keep on doing it to get your approval. Just always remember, try to appreciate whenever he does right.

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