Why Divorce Rate Higher Among Nurses!



High Levels of Stress at Work. Unfortunately, nurses belong to a profession with high level of stress. Psychologist believe that high levels of stress at work can spills into their personal lives causing strife, confusion, and a disconnection between those they love including our spouses.


Nurses Have Authority. Aside from the big paycheck, nursing is a highly respected field! This level of respect often comes with a certain level of power and this power can cause inferiority, which eventually can lead to resistance and then separation.


Communication Barriers – As nurses, we have been trained consistently in the nursing school on the importance of communication and with all the disciplines and rationale involved in a patient’s care. Now while this may seem true and appear to be a good thing to know the importance of communication as well as doing it on a consistent basis.

The Questions Are:


Do we really know how to communicate effectively outside of our role as nurses?


Yes we care about other people but do we really care enough about our Marriage? Our family? Especially our kids?


We have  learned a lot of nursing skills and practiced them wholeheartedly, but do we know any basic relationship skill needed to have a successful relationship?


Maybe not! That’s why Divorce  Rate is high on our field.

Now if you want to improve your relationship right now and change the way statistics are going.